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KYEREMEH J.K.“Children, strive to do right, and love the Lord for his merciful kindness to you all. Obey those who have the care of you as you would your parents. Be kind to each other, and yield to each other’s wishes. Don’t become unsteady. Read the precious word of God. {An Appeal to the Youth p. 40}

Bantama Seventh-day Adventist Church Children’s Department exists to develop the faith of children from birth through age fourteen, leading them into union with the church.

Amazingly, more than 600 children enthusiastically participate in our worship each Sabbath. The Children’s Department cooperates with the Sabbath School department and other departments to provide religious education to the children.

Ellen G. White underscores the importance of children’s ministry when she says: “Too much importance cannot be placed on the early training of children. The lessons that the child learns during the first seven years of life have more to do with forming his character than all it learns in the future years.” – Child Guidance, p. 193.

“When Jesus told the disciples not to forbid the children to come to Him, He was speaking to His followers in all ages- to officers of the church, to ministers, helpers and all Christians. Jesus is drawing the children, and He bids us, Suffer them to come; as if He would say, They will come if you do not hinder them.” – The Desire of Ages, p.517

Our objective

The Children’s Department is to win, hold and train for Jesus Christ, youth, boys and girls, for the service of God. Goal-oriented spiritual education is meant to:

  1. Present a personal Christ
  2. Stimulate interest in Scripture
  3. Teach moral responsibility
  4. Involve youth in service
  5. Involve youth in mission outreach
  6. Encourage high self-regard

The Bantama SDA Children’s Department provides Sabbath School Bible Study guides, design material for Sabbath School programming, offers training and resources to teachers and members.

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