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The name Seventh-day Adventist includes the vital beliefs for us as a Church. The word ‘Adventist’ reflects our passionate conviction in the nearness of the soon return (‘advent’) of Jesus. ‘Seventh-day’ refers to our persistency in defense and belief of the Bible as the authoritative word of God which enshrines the Sabbath as the grand edifice of creation in the 7th day of creation week as the handiwork of God, taking place in the span of one literal week.

1. The mission of the Bantama Seventh-day Adventist Church is to proclaim to all peoples the everlasting gospel in the context of the three angel’s messages of Revelation 14:6-12, leading them to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, and unite with His church, nurturing them in preparation for His soon return.

2. To enable every individual to fully participate in worship, teaching, fellowship and service through an inclusive approach which enables them to grow spiritually.

We pursue this mission under the guidance of the Holy Spirit through:

1. Preaching: Accepting Christ’s commission (Matthew 28:18-20), we proclaim to all the world the message of a loving God,His character and purpose most fully revealed in His Son’s reconciling ministry and atoning death. Our message includes the second advent of Christ and the continuing authority of His Ten Commandment law with its reminder of the seventh-day Sabbath.

2. Teaching: Acknowledging that development of mind and character is essential to God’s redemptive plan; we promote the growth of a mature understanding of God, His Word and the created universe.

3. Healing: Affirming the biblical emphasis on the wellbeing of the whole person, we make the preservation of health and healing of the sick a priority and through our ministry to the poor and oppressed, co-operate with the Creator in His compassionate work of restoration.

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